When You Can Expect Seeing Changes From Your Diet

How Long Does It Take to See Weight Loss Results

While some of us were quarantined during the pandemic, we may have gained some weight that we now want to get rid of. So some of us might have joined a gym or even hired a fitness trainer with that goal in mind

But how long does it actually take to see the first changes in your weight loss journey? Well, this depends on many factors. This article will give you some idea of when you can expect to see some noticeable changes when you begin your weight loss journey.

Influential Factors

Diet and Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrate restriction can cause rapid water loss. Even if your body fat percentage hasn’t altered, losing excess water might make you feel and appear smaller. While limiting carbohydrate intake can be an effective weight-loss strategy, it must be part of a larger healthy-eating plan.

Your Starting Weight

Weight loss may be slower if you have a skinny frame and a lower BMI, but it’s more noticeable. It is not impossible for you to lose weight faster if your beginning weight is in the obese category on the body mass index (BMI) scale. On a person with a larger frame, though, weight fluctuation may be less visible.

Method of Measurement

When you begin a weight reduction program, you will most likely see the earliest changes when you step on the scale. You may even notice that your clothing is beginning to fit differently.

However, increased muscle mass from exercise might actually result in weight gain even if you are losing body fat. You might appear leaner, but the scale will indicate your weight as much or more. This doesn’t mean that you have gained weight, but rather that your muscle to fat ratio has changed.

Weigh-In Frequency

Weight loss is connected with weighing oneself on a regular basis, whether daily or weekly, according to research. A weekly weigh-in may be more motivating because it shows you a week’s worth of improvement rather than just very incremental changes day-to-day.

The Changes Over Time

Although not typical for everyone, here is a basic timeline of possible changes over time if you keep to a healthy low-calorie eating plan and a moderate workout plan.

Week One

During this period, most people see a difference in their weight (typically a loss of up to five pounds). Even though you won’t see any significant changes, you’ll feel better and more energized overall.

Week Two

You should notice some changes in the way your body looks and feels. Exercising may feel easier, and your clothing may begin to feel looser.

Week Three

This is usually the point at which you’ll see the first big changes in your weight loss journey if you were consistent with your plan. You’ll feel more energized.

Week Four

By this point, you may have dropped enough weight to need a different clothing size. After week four, your new eating and exercise plans are becoming more like a lifestyle. If you do not wish to continue losing weight you should switch to a weight-maintaining plan.

Important Reminder

As mentioned, there are many factors that affect the time you’ll need to lose a desired amount of weight. One big factor is also genetics. Some people will find it easier to lose weight than others. Meanwhile, some people have medical conditions that make it harder for them to lose weight. In any case, always remember to be kind to yourself and don’t compare your journey to other people’s journeys. Each one is individual and unique.

Do you struggle with losing weight? Do you think there is a safe way to lose weight faster? What is your weight loss experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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