Studies Show, A Fatty Liver is Linked to This Disease

This Disease and Liver Fat Are Connected

The liver works hard to process the toxins in our body. However, when we have a poor diet, it can lead to a build-up of fat around the organ. That’s when non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can develop, also known as NAFLD. This disease affects millions of adults around the world.

NAFLD Findings

NAFLD develops in people who aren’t heavy drinkers. It is fatty-liver disease (FLD) that is often linked to drinking. The cause of NAFLD hasn’t been fully established, but obesity and diabetes are known to be risk factors. The latter result isn’t too surprising as NAFLD is also linked to insulin resistance, which increases the chance of developing type-2 diabetes.

Countering NAFLD

There are some excellent ways to decrease the risks of getting NAFLD. One is to stop adding sugar and cream to your coffee. Instead, drink it black or with sweeteners low in sugar. These choices are beneficial for your health too.

Fiber-rich foods are also excellent for reducing fat in the liver. These include broccoli, apples, leafy greens, and pulses. The reason being, fiber doesn’t just decrease fat deposits in the liver, but it also helps stabilize blood glucose levels and combat insulin resistance.

One vegetable of note is spinach, which has been found to reduce NAFLD more than some other foods.

Take Care of Your Liver

Many people forget to protect their liver from disease, which is why NAFLD is so widespread. With the proper knowledge and adoption of good habits, it’s possible to reduce liver fat buildup. That way, you won’t risk developing diabetes as well.

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