Foods You Must Give Up if You Don’t Want High Blood Pressure, Say Experts

Foods You Must Give Up if You Don't Want High Blood Pressure, Say Experts

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is becoming increasingly common. Over time, hypertension may lead to heart attack or failure, often resulting in death. If you’re concerned about your blood pressure, don’t rush to take prescription meds or toss your saltshaker into the trash. Instead, consider giving up these five foods responsible for bumping up your blood pressure.

White Bread

Not all bread is necessarily bad for your blood pressure. However, be mindful of the ingredient list on the packaging. Check the sodium content in the bread you buy – usually, white rolls contain 100-200 milligrams of sodium per 100 grams. That’s about 20% of the total recommended sodium intake, and some people eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Limit your bread intake to a few slices a day.


Pizza is undoubtedly delicious, but it’s also the worst food for your blood pressure. Typically, pizza contains white bread, cheese, tomato sauce, and cured meats, all high in sodium. It’s even worse if you prefer pizza with pickles, canned mushrooms, or artichokes.


Like pizza, sandwiches, burgers, and other fast-food are loaded with sodium. There’s no avoiding sodium when you eat out – burger buns, cheese, fries, and nuggets all contain unhealthy amounts of salt. Eating at home is a much safer option.

Cured Meats

The process of curing meat involves rubbing it with a generous amount of salt. It’s no wonder that cured meats are the worst enemy of people with hypertension. Therefore, consider replacing salami and prosciutto with fresh meats.


This one may be unexpected, but most canned soups contain over 1,000 milligrams of sodium per serving – that’s nearly half of the daily intake! Meanwhile, homemade soups are beneficial for digestion. Try and prepare them at home, thus regulating the salt content.

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